App Consulting

Strategy Development

The Ideal App Team
Learn how to bring together people with the necessary complementary skills to accomplish goals set out by university leadership.
Needs Analysis
Process of identifying and prioritizing the project needs and determining how to reach goals using targeted strategies and prioritizing resources.
Design System
Set of standards to manage design at scale by reducing redundancy while creating a shared language and visual consistency across different pages and channels.
Information Architecture
Organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way with he goal to help users find information and complete tasks.
The systems and controls necessary to design, approve, market and manage your app throughout the products' lifecycle.
Communication Strategy
Plans for communicating information based on a specific audience, issue, event, or situation.  Also includes content, frequency, and channel recommendations.

Student Data Integration

Digital Student ID
The modern, electronic equivalent of the traditional, plastic student ID card in it's most secure and streamlined form.
Course Enrollment
Students can add, drop, swap courses. Also delivers data points on class times, delivery method, and professors.
Student Financial Account
Module delivers account summary with balance due, account details, breakdown of charges, and make a payment integration.
Payment Processing

Use your app to process secure digital payment transactions including opening gateways and communication with user accounts.

Financial Aid

Display disbursement details of all financial awards and allow the business process of students accepting or declining aid.

Course Schedule

Popular with students, this feature displays details of class schedules including course dates, meeting times, map locations, professor and more.


Students can get their current final grades in real time and access complete grade history with course details useful for informal transcript requests.

Graduation Status

Module does database checks to report to students when they are eligible for, applied for, or been granted approval for graduation.

Advisors & Mentors

Displays all advisors and mentors for majors and minors, provides contact information and can initiate an email wiht one tap.

General Content

Campus Dining
Display data relating to eateries on campus including open and close times, menus, prices, map locations, and nutritional information.
Campus Maps
Map layers for categories such as academic departments, parking, student services and safety resources.  Includes directions and related places nearby.
University Events
Easily import events from your university events calendar with integrations for event registration capabilities and map features.
New Student Orientation
Leverage a suite of modules to inform students about orientation (before, during and after) to foster a dynamic, celebratory, and welcoming environment.
Provide a wide range of information to students, faculty, and campus guests in preparation for commencement ceremonies and celebrations on campus.
Welcome students, alumni, families and guests for the annual homecoming events and activities.

Analysis & Testing

Usability Testing
Testing the functionality of an app, or other digital product by observing real users as they attempt to complete tasks on it.
App Analytics
The process of capturing, analyzing and extracting meaningful insights from application usage and metrics to determine optimization goals.
Surveys, Polls and Focus Groups
Learn how to use these research tools to gather information and opinions from user groups about what direction to take your product.